Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Before we do this we should find out client hair is suitable for such a permanent hair straightening process. People who have had their hair colored recently might not be advised to do this as it puts undue stress on the tresses.

There are three basic steps to rebonding the hair

1. Softening the bonds with a chemical cream. (Use a recommended
product in market)

2. Use a hair iron to establishing the straightness.

3. Use another Neutralizing cream
A protein solution is applied to protect against the harsh effects of the chemicals before the chemical cream is thoroughly worked through the hair the cream has sodium hydroxide as the main active ingredient. Reacting with the sulphar bonds in the hair to disassociate the bonds.

After the hair is suitable softened by the chemical reaction the hair is shampooed and rinse. It is then blow dry thoroughly (80%) and a straightening hair iron is used to make the hair as straight stylist clipping up the hair and ironing it in section

The hair is then allowed to cool and a neutralizing Cream is applied, to lower the PH level of the hair as well as to give it Oxygen.

After this cream has set in for about fifteen minutes, the hair is washed and blown to maintain the glossiness and straightness, the hair after care is important.

After the rebonding we should give after care procedure

1 Don’t wash the hair for 48 to 72 hours after the rebonding process for
the chemical process to stabilize.

2. Don’t clip or tie up the hair. Hair should not be tacked behind the ears
either. Should you accidentally do this wet the hair immediately and
comb it straight.

3. After the rebonding you should apply suitable shampoo and
conditioner . If not your rebonding will not be effective.

While the hair might look healthy, we must not forget that the look was achieved with chemicals. And we should understand effects of chemicals on human body.